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Koji releases the umami from within your ingredients for deep, hearty and meat-y meals

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koji sauce


DIP - Liven up your food by using Koji Kins as a sauce on the plate

MARINADE - Bring depth to your food by adding Koji Kins 30 mins before and leaving in a warm place

CURE-  Bring the best out of your ingredients and cure with Koji Kins for up to 12 hours in the fridge to unlock the hidden flavours within!

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Mushrooms, Koji, a dash of spice and aged to perfection.


Our Tonics come with a pipette so you can use them as carefully as we make them… And we make them pretty damn carefully.

The flavour is deep, savoury and a little salty on the finish. Use them as you would soy or fish sauce... except they contain no soya and no animals.

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We have marvelled at how the humble bee makes honey and emulated the same natural process ourselves - leaving the bees well alone! Floral botanicals meet natural bacteria, select yeasts and powerful enzyme-wielding moulds - welcome to Project B(ee): 0% Honey. 100% Vegan.

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Delicious lip-smacking Umami for all things spreadable, soupable, stockable, spoonable and doable… Spread to supercharge toast, stir for a miso-style hearty stock or just drop a spoonful to level up your casserole!


Vegan, gluten free, no additives, preservatives or conglomerates*!

koji is a magical mould


It has been used for thousands of years in Japan to make soy sauce, miso and sake. It has a secret ability to transform proteins, making them deeper in flavour and absolutely delicious.


We have bundled these secrets into our live, vegan and gluten-free sauces - use them to dip, marinade, cure… or, just have a shot neat from the cap. This is the way.

two fermenting doctors

two MOULD-fermenting doctors

WE ARE KOJI KINS: 2 Mould-Fermenting Docs using the magical mould koji to make plant-based food taste delicious. Our products are entirely natural, authentic and plant-based - full with umami and depth and always pack a punch to elevate your cooking!

We work with chefs, MICHELIN STAR RESTAURANTS and the food industry to educate on sustainable and upcycling methods with koji - so you can always get the most flavour out of your ingredients and reduce the impact on the environment. Find out more about how Koji is the green solution HERE and see our favourite chefs and kins THERE.


And if you’re up for a science lesson, well, POP INTO THE LAB and we can explain a bit more…just please don’t touch anything…


the way

Koji is a mysterious thing, but we have managed to harness its powers in our secret mould-fermentation process to bring you the delights from the lab!

tRaditional fermentation 

We use fermentation techniques from across the globe, some traditional and some brand new, to bring natural depth and umami into our products!

the lab

Our lab combines the best of nature with a smidge of science - utilising natural bacteria, yeasts and enzymes from koji and turning it up to 11 through our ageing process!

What do you get?

What do you get? Natural depth, umami and banging flavour every time - with no shortcuts, additives, emulsifiers or nonsense!

You really should keep this to yourself, though.

The Way
so fresh & so green


What you see is what you get. All our ingredients are 100% natural with no additives, colourings, sweeteners or emulsifiers.

Green & Clean

All our sauces are 100% plant-based. No ifs, no buts. 

We are proud supporters of Fauna & Flora International, and make a donation from the sale of each and every of our mould fermented sauces! (1).png

friendly bugs

We care about your microbiome and our experiences as doctors and nutritional scientists reinforce this. Koji Kins is full of life, unpasteurised and bottled at its most active. Enjoy it with a healthy and predominantly plant-based diet - treat yo’self.

(Re)use me, ‘til you use me up

We have designed our bottles so that you can re-use them to ferment your own sauces! In fact, if you do it as soon as you finish our sauces, the friendly bugs and Koji Kins left in the bottle will jumpstart the process! Find our suggested recipes here soon. We’d be delighted if you can make a better sauce!

So green

the future is brewing

Not all Koji wear capes… If you’ve gotten this far, you probably can see why we think Koji will save the world.


If we can use Koji Kins to make veggies taste bright and deep, that just might nudge people to reduce their meat consumption - it’s certainly helped us! 100% plant-based, all natural and in reusable bottles, we hope that you join our Koji journey to make the world a better, more mycelial place.


Elevate your cooking, naturally. Pop to the online store to see how to bring the best from your ingredients!


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