This is where it all started and a must have for any big dish!

Our Original Koji Sauce is a sticky umami tribute to the BBQ sauces of old. With a big Koji twist, that is. Our Koji opens up the complex depth of sesame seeds, garlic and chillis and our fragrant select spices give this a lasting smoky finish of peppercorns and truffle.

With active koji, this sauce is designed to TRANSFORM your ingredients — starting the cooking process early and bringing out umami from WITHIN your ingredients.


DIP — dunk chips for umami greatness

MARINADE — pulled jackfruit for a banging burger

CURE — spuds or aubergine to soften and release their depth and meatiness!

Contains: 150ml

Ingredients — Maple Syrup, Rice Vinegar, Rice Koji, Sesame Seeds, Chillis, Garlic, Sea Salt, Spices, Black Truffle, Saffron, Smoke, Probiotic Live Cultures.

The Original Mould-Fermented Koji Sauce

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