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The jewel of the forest; floral, sweet and fruity - this gives salads and Mediterranean dips an aromatic kick, with layers of smoke and silk road spice…


Just a splash lifts any dish with a delightful fruity & Earthy Chanterelle-ness!


Our tonics are deep and savoury with a slightly salty finish, use as you would soy or fish sauce, or in place of seasoning in stews, casseroles and stocks.


Dunk some crusty bread in our plant-based twist on the Provençal classic bouillabaise - brimming with warming umami with a smokey aroma to make a sunny coast feel a little closer… Try our recipe!


Contains: 100ml


Ingredients—Rice Koji, Water, Chantarelles, Sea Salt, Spices..


100ml bottle.

Tonic #2: Smoked Chanterelle Garum

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