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Asparagus and San Marzano with Original Koji Sauce

30 mins

2 Servings


Up your Sunday Brunch Game - this combination of crispy asparagus and San Marzano tomatoes is sure to impress with a classical sensibility.

Asparagus and San Marzano with Original Koji Sauce


How to make

First cut tomatoes into half inch slices, plum type tomatoes are wonderful cut length wise. Brush them with a thin coating of Original Koji Sauce and rest for a moment (up to an hour but no pressure here). Set oven to 220 C fan assisted and cook tomatoes for 25 minutes or until they look delicious. You can experiment with time and temperature, for a sunblushed style 140 C for over an hour works very well.

As tomatoes are cooking prepare the asparagus. Traditionally (and needed if using white asparagus) peel the lower 2/3 using a potato peeler and snap the bottom inch off. Snapping it instead of cutting minimises waste as it chooses the right place to snap! If you care more about impressing your gut health than your guests, don't peel them at all.

Heat a glug of olive oil in a skillet or pan and panfry asparagus on moderate/high heat until it starts getting some colour (takes about 5 minutes but could vary depending on thickness). When asparagus is ready, mix the greens into the hot pan and immediately take off heat. Season to taste.

Bon apetit!


  • 4 San Marzano (or other large plum type tomatoes)

  • 6 large or 9 medium size asparagus

  • Greens (wild garlic if in season, otherwise basil, spring onions or whatever takes your fancy)

  • Olive oil

  • Original Koji Sauce

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