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Tofu Bao Buns cured with Original Koji Sauce

<15 mins + 30 mins cure

4 Buns


Dim Sum delights...

Tofu Bao Buns cured with Original Koji Sauce


How to make

Cut the tofu in just over 1/2 inch thick slices, put them on a plate and brush them with a generous amount of 闇Yami on all sides. Leave for 30 minutes (or much longer but in the fridge).

Pour cornstarch onto a plate, and season with a pinch of salt and finely ground white pepper.

Cut the peach into very thin slices and make little piles with four or five slices in each. Chop coriander roughly, tear nori into small pieces and open the buns so that everything is ready to go.

Heat a generous amount of oil in a frying pan, when oil is almost hot, take tofu out, pat it dry, and coat it in the cornstarch mixture. Shallow fry on moderate heat until bottom is golden brown, then turn once only.

When crispy and golden, place the tofu on a kitchen towel to dry, and start mounting the buns - first coriander, a pile of peach, then a spoonful of 闇Yami before placing the tofu inside. Finish with a sprinkle of nori and sesame seeds.

Let the party commence... (and eat whilst still crispy!)


4 Bao Buns (Solid BBC Good Food recipe for the buns if you are feeling ambitious)

100g Silken tofu

5 tablespoons 闇Yami for cure, and some extra for serving

Peach (or pear)


Salt + white pepper

Coriander leaves

Black Sesame Seeds

Nori Seaweed (optional extra)

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