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Bloody Koji

<15 mins

1 Serving


Sunday Brunch with a Punch!

Bloody Koji


How to make

Mix all liquid ingredients in a large shaker/mixer glass, a vase or the kitchen sink (as appropriate depending on how many portions you are making).

Stir briskly, then season to taste. Not hawt enough? Add more Hyi. Feeling particularly salty? Add some Tamari. The taste will become rounder and more complex if left for up to 30 minutes for the enzymes to start a party, but it is delicious already as it is.

To build this drink, first prepare the glass:
Crush twiglets to a dust, and put them on a saucer
Pour a dash of maple syrup onto another saucer, dip the rim of the glass until covered
Dip the rim in the twiglets (if you got it right, they will have stuck to the syrup)
Drop large ice cubes until the glass is full to the top
Carefully pour the liquid into the glass
Add any garnish on top

Level up your day...


The Slapdash:
30ml 火Hyi 🔥
150 ml Tomato Juice 🍅
30ml Lemon juice 🍋
A dash of Tamari

(50ml fire water for those so inclined)

The Works - We’ve added:

Celery or Cucumber batons🥒
闇Yami-roasted Tempeh 💯
Twiglet crumb with maple syrup (for bite)
Sancho Peppercorns (for zing)
Lemon leaf + fresh pepper (for 💅🏻)

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