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KOJI supercharges your dishes!


Mushroom Tonics

SHIITAKE, CHANTARELLE & MOREL Aged Garums - Pure. Focussed. Flavour. Naturally fermented and carefully aged to liven up your cooking!

Morel Koji
The Original Aged Tonic

Koji gives umami,oomph and depth to ingredients.  Use in place of salt,soy sauce or fish sauce for flavourful and focused depth.


Lip-smacking umami for all things spreadable, stockable, spoonable and doable…


Without any additives tagging along.

Koji Garum Ingredients

"The tonics are fantastic

I would highly recommend"

Michelin Star
Michelin Star
Michelin Star

chef Pierre Koffman

La Tante Claire


The Way

KOJI IS A MYSTERIOUS THING, traditionally used to make soy sauce and miso. We have managed to harness its powers in our secret mould-fermentation recipe to release big bold flavours and natural depth from, well, any ingredient!

2 Doctors
Changing Food

We are Koji Kins - Two doctors, nutritional scientists and Koji cultivators making food healthy and delicious.


Since discovering Koji we have loved using it to diversify classic dishes and extract the most flavour and quality from ingredients.


With Great Taste Awards in the pocket, we are planning big things for helping the UK elevate their dishes in a green and clean way. Every dish is special and we’re here to elevate cooking, naturally.

Gordon Ramsay2.png

for Michelin Chefs

Michelin-starred chefs love what we make, because it’s made with passion, clarity and flavour first.


Koji creates umami from plants, making plant-based food delicious and meaty.

Au Naturel

What you see is what you get. All our ingredients are naturally fermented from the finest ingredients and gluten-free. No additives, colourings, sweeteners or emulsifiers.

Green & Clean

All our products are 100% Vegan. We proudly support FAUNA & FLORA INTERNATIONAL and make a donation from every sale, supporting biodiversity from the roots, up.

Fauna and Flore

Why Koji?

We should probably explain some science?

Koji is a mould that converts protein to amino acids, like the Maillard Reaction that happens on the side of a steak when you sear it to perfection.

When we use our secret recipe to age our tonics, we do the same to mushrooms, rice and more - bringing depth, flavour and umami out from where it was locked up.

Our products are all naturally fermented, made from ingredients with known prebiotic properties & are 100% plant-based and contain no gluten from any of our ingredients.

What do you get? Focused flavour, depth and something for making every meal special. 100% plant-based, 100% gluten free depth - backed by Michelin-starred chefs (such as Gordon Ramsay) and Great Taste Awards.

in the wild


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