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~ NOTE all orders with MOREL will be shipped for OCTOBER delivery ~


TONIC #1 SHIITAKE GARUM - Double down on any mushroom dish, getting deep oak Earthy notes from this Tonic. Pappardelle to Dashi, this tonic has got your back from Tuscany to Tokyo! 🍜


Ingredients—Rice Koji, Water, Shiitake, Sea Salt, Spices


100ml bottle



TONIC #2 SMOKED CHANTERELLE - The jewel of the forest; floral, sweet and fruity - this gives salads and Mediterranean dips an aromatic kick, with layers of smoke and silk road spice…


Our tonics are deep and savoury with a slightly salty finish, use as you would soy or fish sauce.

Ingredients—Rice Koji, Water, Chantarelles, Sea Salt, Spices..


100ml bottle



TONIC #3 MOREL - With an inexplicable golden glow, the morel Tonic is banging. 


Bringing a lingering hearty honeycomb flavour and a deep chocolatey clove finish - a few drops are game changing for anything seared… Or the world’s most baller jacket potato.

Ingredients—Rice Koji, Water, Morels, Sea Salt, Spices.


100ml bottle

Mushroom Trio - BEFORE CHRISTMAS 🎁

  • We keep our Kins close - let us know if you’re not absolutely happy and we will make it up to you!

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